Delivery and Returns

At the moment you place an order, read carefully for the delivery methods

Delivery place - Home delivery
Total order - Any value
Delivery time - After order completion, depending on the product (standard 7-30 days)
Price - Free shipping in Chisinau area
  • the products will be delivered to the address you left us, you will pay the product at the courier.;
  • you will be notified by telephone when the package has left us to arrange an appointment with the courier;

Return conditions:

If the ordered product does not meet the customer's expectations (whatever the reason is), Dasport offers the customers the opportunity to return it.

There are two methods in this case:

1.Change the product with any product available on and pay the difference (if applicable), of course within the limit of available stock; 2.Recovering the money that you spend on the product.

Important: The product must be returned in the condition in which it was received by the customer, with the original packaging and accessories in order to benefit from its return rights.

Methods of return. How do I return? What is the process?

To return the product, the customer must send a written request to, in the care of manifesting the wish to return the product, within 14 calendar days. After receiving application, Dasport can send you the courier to take over the product. The payment of the transport will be fully supported by the Client (50 lei, in the Chisinau area).

Important: DaSport does not accept to recive return of packages sent by customers with refund or package exchange